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How To Choose The Best Steel For Hairdressing Scissors Guide

January 23, 2024 12 min read

New Zealand is a country where barbers are simultaneously a professional and an amateur hairdresser.

What's the best type of steel that can be cut? How do I know whether it's worth the investment?

They are among the most frequent questions that you are likely to receive from people. They seem to be simple questions. However, it's not. It's the most challenging element of buying the perfect barber shears and hairdressing scissors.

What kind of steel is my shears made from? What's the distinction between high-quality and low-quality hairdressing scissors?

What makes scissor steel different from other steels?

  • Blades' sharpness
  • It will be fascinating to see how easily they can be improved
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • The force generated by the scissor
  • Blades are delicate and fragile.
  • The length of time it can be

If you think about this, it's simple to see why you should spend $300 for good cutting scissors, instead of the price of $99. If you're working with hair all day it is recommended to use the highest quality tools. They will last longer and will work more precisely.

Understanding the differences between scissor and sandsteel

It's not an easy job to locate a great pair of hair cutting scissors. This is due to the fact that different models and brands use different kinds of steel. Which steels are ideal for barber scissors or hairdressing scissors, then?

The Rockwell Hardness Rate or HRC/HR is the metric used to determine the quality of scissor-steel. This rating concentrates on the overall toughness and durability of the blades. The strongest scissor knives will offer better quality.

The use of stainless steel is to make cutting scissors. Furthermore the Rockwell Hardness Scale measures the quality of the steel. Here is a list of cuts-offs that indicate low-quality steel in Australia.

Hardness Qualitative Estimated Price
50-55 HRC Blades for soft cutting of low quality Prices ranging from $50 to $199.
55-57 HRC Blades for entry-level hairdressing From $99 up to $299
Between between 57 and 59 HRC This is a mid-level scissor. It is easy to sharpen, rust resistant and tougher. Prices range from $149 up to $449.
HRC 58-60 High-quality, medium to high-end scissor cutting from $249 to $800
60-62 HRC Blades of high-end quality for cutting hair. This feature is found on high-end scissors. This feature is easy to use, resistant to corrosion, stronger, and has sharper edges. $299 $1000
Between between 61 and HRC High-end, top-quality hair cutting knife. Only the best scissors have them. $700 to $1500

The HRC factor is an important element in determining how sturdy an item will be. A more high HRC is a sign of a higher quality material with a better-shaped blade as well as a higher resistance to corrosion.

When you're selecting between cheap and high quality hair cutting scissors, make certain to consider more than HRC. The manufacturing and quality standards of scissors determine their efficiency.

Let's start by exploring the most sought-after steel names.

The stainless steel's quality and the workmanship is what creates the difference in the cutting quality of scissors.

The cost of high-end and low-end hair-cutters will differ.

Then, we will discuss the ideal material to cut hair. You will also learn about the quality of steel used to make haircutting shears.

Hairdressing scissors made from stainless steel.

The majority of hair scissors are made from stainless steel. Japan is the nation which produces the highest quality hair scissors made of stainless steel.

Japanese steel comes with certain advantages when used with scissors. Japanese steel is extremely ergonomic and razor-sharp. You also need less sharpening.

The finest Japanese steel for hair scissors consists of ATS314 and VG1, VG10 , and 440C.

Better metal means better blades

Japanese hair scissors make use of sharp convex edges. It is made from high-quality hardened steel. The blade's sharp edge is more durable. The hardened steel is the reason the blade doesn't need to be sharpened.

Better metal means better ergonomics

High-quality steel is very light in weight. High-quality steel is light in weight and exerts minimal pressure on your shoulders, wrists and elbows as you chop hair.

A longer-lasting life of scissor blades will mean more durable metal

Hair scissors made from high-quality Japanese steel are much more resistant to corrosion. Japanese steel is able to be used for up twenty years, or more, if maintained.

Where can you get the best quality hair scissor iron?

This steel is a great choice for the perfect hair scissors.

  • Japanese steel They are among the top quality steels available in the world.
  • German steel - Best quality of a European country
  • The best steel in Asia is Korean steel
  • Chinese steel - Great quality
  • Taiwanese steel - High Quality

Pakistan, India, and Vietnam make the most inferior quality steel. These countries make razor-sharp scissors. They need to be sharpened frequently before they are damaged.

Top 10 hair steels to use for scissors

With various metals that are used, finding the right barber shears can be a challenge. Here's a list listing the 10 top-selling steel scissors.

Steel Rankings Name Description
1 The ATS314 (ATS-314). Large quantities of high-quality Japanese steel with Vanadium and Titanium
2 VG10 Gold (VG-10) Japanese steel with significant amounts of Vanadium and Titanium. Great for cutting knives as well as cutting tools.
3 V10 (V-10) The high levels of Titanium and Vanadium, which give hair scissor blades an extra amount of strength
4 V1 (V-1) For edges that are sharper on the scissor The entry-level Vanadium and Titanium
5 S3 (S-3). For sharp cutting edges extremely high levels of Supreme Cobalt are required
6 S1 (S-1). Cobalt is an ingredient that can cut the hair's edges after it has dried.
7 440C Hair scissors of high-end quality made of Japanese steel and hardened.
8 440A Normal cutting blades made of standard steel
9 420 For knives and other cutting tools For knives and cutting boards, stainless steel is inexpensive.
10 410 Steel of sub-standard quality is not suggested for professional hair scissors.

Vanadium and titanium increase the hardness and toughness of the hair scissors. Additionally, they make hair scissors lighter which makes them easier to cut.

Cobalt steel is tough and light. The blade is razor-sharp , and will last for a long period. It doesn't require sharpening regularly.

Top 15 Hairdressing Scissors for Steel

The top-rated steels are according to their top efficiency, the highest value and highest quality. It is possible to find the top scissor-grade steel that is high-quality. But, we've listed the options below based on your budget.

This is the most recommended quality of steel for hair scissors. It is widely recommended by hair stylists around the world.

1. 64 HRC 1. 64 HRC: V1

The steel V1 is without doubt one of the best high-quality steel. It is utilized by many hairdressers and barbers. V10 steel is the successor of V1. It is stronger, more resistant to cracks and is sharper in its blades.

The V1 steel grades are used in cutting. This is high-end quality. Also, it comes with a high cost.

2. 2.

The Japanese Hitachi Metals corporation manufactures the ATS314 steel. This type of steel is employed in the finest barber and hairdressing shears. Numerous brands utilize the ATS314 steel to make their hair scissors. Hitachi steel is only used by a few companies.

This kind of steel makes top-quality scissor knives. It is very durable. The blades remain sharper for longer periods of time. It's effective when dealing with the edges of convex or clam-shaped blades.

3. 60 HRC: V10 VG-10

Also known as V Gold 10, a top-quality Japanese steel used for hairdressing scissors. Takefu Special Steel is the producer. This high-quality steel is perfect to cut hair. The steel is resistant to corrosion as well as to scratching.

The VG10 haircutting scissors come with more sharper blades, including beveled, clam or convex edges.

The VG10 steel version is extremely lightweight and sharp. It is used only by the top scissors. This isn't just restricted to Japan. Because Japanese metal companies are famous for their international sales,

4. 60-62 HRC 10.CR

Are you in need of an updated version of the steel 440C? Professionals can benefit from the 10CR steel. It's similar to Hitachi's VG10 or Takefu. The high-quality steel provides the best quality and sharpness when cutting scissors.

Other characteristics include corrosion and wear resistance Sharpness retention price, as well as durability. It's a high-end barber and haircutting blade made of stainless steel. It's priced at less than $1000.

5. The range of 58-60 HRC is the 440C range.

Brands that are popular like Yasaka include the 440C model. This is a great choice for its hardness and resistance.

The type of steel blades are also affordable. These blades are razor-sharp and feature an edge with a convex shape. They are a fantastic professional tool for barbers and hairdressers.

6. 6.

It's a great option to make high-end scissors and barber tools. It operates in the same way as Hitachi's 440C. It transforms every scissor into a professional tool.

It's equipped with superior blade edge retention which guarantees that the hair you cut is razor sharp for many years. For additional durability, steel is impervious to wear and corrosion. It can also be used to make hairstyles.

7. Between 57 and 60 HRC: 7CR

7CR 7CR is sometimes referred to as the stronger version of 4CR. This steel is very tough and offers excellent edge retention. It can also resist corrosion and wear.

This steel is ideal for cutting hair in the mid-range. This makes it ideal for both professional and home hairdressers, and also apprenticeships.

8. 56 to 56 to HRC 420

The model 420 steel is a little softer than Japan's 440C. It's ideal for hair scissors that are mid-level. This model of steel is also reasonably priced. This is a great option for professionals.

9. 55-58 HRC Stainless Alloy Steel

Steel can be used for making hair scissors made of any steel. It's a broad term that doesn't provide enough information regarding the quality of the hair scissors that you are buying.

There is a wide selection of stainless steel products from numerous manufacturers in Australia between 55-58 HRC. They are able to produce impressive results. Additionally, you can purchase these for prices that range from $100 and $200, which is significantly smaller.

10. 10.

Unique and rare steel produced in Japan's Yasuki Silver. The S3 is famous for producing high-quality cutting blades that are superior in terms of their hardness. They can be found in chef and kitchen knives. You can also find them in a handful of barber shears and hairdressing scissors.

S3 steel blades have superior hardness, high performance, and are resistant to corrosion. They are also great tools for professionals.

11. 56 HRC

56 HRC is the most popular chromium-steel material that offers wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and damage. They are available in Japanese mid-level cutting scissors.

12. 53-56 HRC: Chromium Steel

There are numerous sub-categories that belong to chromium. It is a low to mid-level metal. It is found in both German and European haircutting instruments. When producing entry-level haircutting equipment, popular brands such as Jaguar employ Chromium steel.

The most suitable option for those with limited money is chrome-steel scissors. These scissors are extremely affordable. They are a great fit for blades that have bevel edges.

13. 13.

The 4CR14MOV steel variant is similar to 4CR13. Due to its availability it is possible to find them in almost every mid-level hairdressing scissors.

Furthermore, they perform well in this field and are popular with different scissor manufacturers in Japan.

14. 52-55 HRC 53 to 55 HRC: 3CR13

3CR13 is a popular Chinese stainless steel model. It shares some of the same features similar to the well-known Australian 420J2 (AUS4). This is a simple steel that is used to create common hair cutting scissors. This type of thinning tool is not recommended.

15. 55-57 HRC 55-57 HRC

The 4CR13 often referred to as 40CR13 steel, is a standard steel variation. It is more durable and stronger robust than 3CR13 steel. It is more durable and allows manufacturers of scissors to create sharp convex or bevel cutting blades.

Are the steel scissors in the 4CR13 really worth the price? They work as well as mid-level cutting scissors. This is a great way to cut your hair without spending too much.

Canadian scissors demonstrate the difference between inferior steel and high-quality steel.

All types of scissors are made from stainless steel. It's not a secret. But, there are some premium steels. This is the thing that distinguishes stainless steel from other steel types. The efficiency of hair scissors relies on the quality of the stainless steel.

A high-quality stainless steel hair scissor is a great performer when compared with a lesser-than-quality hair shear. This is the reason why the distinction between high and low quality steel is a significant factor in the overall performance of the hairdressing tool.

Japan makes the best steel hair scissors. The Japanese steel hair scissors made of stainless have more sharp, making it much more efficient to cut perfect hair. It is ergonomically constructed and lightweight in weight. Because of its superior construction, it doesn't need to be sharpened often.

It's possible to do similar functions using less-than-stellar quality steel scissors. For any hairdresser professional or novice having a good pair of steel scissors is vital. The most commonly used Japanese steel is ATS314 with VGC1, 440C and VGC10.

High-quality steel is more efficient in cutting. This improves the quality of hair cutting. Japanese shears use convex edge blades. Thus, they require less sharpening because of hard steel.

Quality steel is a great choice for ergonomics. Not only the scissors that are made of high-quality steel are extremely light but they also provide excellent ergonomics. The finest quality steel tends to be heavier. This means that you will feel less pressure on your elbow, wrist or shoulder, as well as your elbow and elbow. This can be very beneficial to a haircut.

The high-quality steel material gives the scissor an extended life. Japanese hair scissors are more resistant to corrosion and wear over other types of scissors. They're tough and last a long time. A Japanese scissor can last between 10 and 20 years. In addition, it can endure longer, based on the way you care for them.

Which countries produce the top scissor steel?

The most effective hair scissors steel is manufactured by Germany, Japan, China and Japan. Japan is the top producer of scissor-steel. This is why Japanese cutting tools are extremely popular.

Germany is the world's leading producer of chromium steel that is of the finest quality. Jaguar is a well-known manufacturer of scissors for hairdressing, has earned a name for being top-quality.

China is the biggest producer of premium steel in massive amounts. They can also challenge Japan and Germany for high-quality. China produces top quality steel for professionals with a low cost.

Most Of the Time Asked Questions: Scissor Steel

Here are a few commonly requested questions on hair-splitting.

1. Which type of scissor steel is most suitable for me?

Your budget will determine which scissor steel is best for you. V1, VG10 and ATS314 are among the best quality. They all cost between $1000 and $1000. If you're seeking the most expensive price, look for the degree of hardness that is at or near at 58 HRC or more.

2. 2. What do you think of Titanium-steel-cutting tools?

Titanium steel scissors can be confusing in many instances. They're a coating of color or a tiny percentage of the steel scissors made. It is important to focus on the power of the scissors to determine the best one to satisfy your needs.

3. Which of the steels is the most affordable?

The 440C is a good choice for those with a tight budget. The 56 HRC steel scissors are available at an affordable cost and deliver excellent results.

4. How can I choose my hair cutting scissors?

The difference in price and efficiency of scissors is based on the quality of the steel. The steel with the highest price is the highest quality. However, the cutters will stay sharper for longer lengths of time.

5. What can I do in order to stop fake steel or steel of low quality coming from Pakistan and China?

Pakistan makes the worst hair scissors. It is recommended to not buy the scissors made by Pakistan. The variety of features found in Chinese steel can be found in both high-end and low-quality versions. Hair scissors should be avoided when buying on Amazon, eBay, or Wish. This is why you should search for sites that offer refunds or exchanges. So, you can play with the scissors and discover the quality.

6. What is the most well-known hair-cutting device?

The most common steel used for making hair scissors is 440C.

7. Which hair cutting scissor steel is best for professionals?

Its temperature is 440C. Japanese steel is the finest scissor steel for professionals.

8. Which one is suitable for apprentices or students?

The 440A is the ideal basic haircutting tool.

9. Is there a 100% titanium hair scissor available?

Hair scissors that are made of 100% titanium can't be found. There are some shears however that contain 21% and 2-10 percent titanium.

10. What exactly is stainless steel?

It is utilized in all scissor blades. There are many kinds of stainless steel. The most high-quality stainless steels are quite tough.

11. Which metal is the best for hair scissors

Premium Japanese steel AT314 and VG10 hair scissors.

12. 12.

Damascus Steel is only an example of the Damascus design used to make hair scissors. It's not useful in the 300 year.

13. Are Titanium scissor or steel better?

Blades are stronger and longer-lasting due to Titanium. The top hair scissors contain Titanium. Additionally, Titanium blades have great quality, are lighter and have sharper edges.

14. What is the 6CR steel?

6CR13MOV may also be known as 6CR Steel. It contains 0.66 carbon addition element. This is a fantastic choice for basic shears for cutting hair.

15. 15.

The finest quality Chinese steel is 9CR13MOVCO. also called 9CR18MOV or 9CR. It is used to create the best barbering and haircutting scissors.

16. What is a Titanium-coated scissor?

It is possible to use titanium for making hair shears. It doesn't affect the sharpness or performance of the scissors.

17. Are the hair scissors made of steel powder useful?

Powder steel is an extremely high-quality metal, which results from an exclusive method. This metal has sharper blades, higher strength and resistance to corrosion as well with lighter designs. The Japanese Takefu VG10, Hitachi ATS314 and Japanese Hitachi ATS314 scissors feature the same design as those made from powder steel.

Conclusion Then, what Scissor Steel should I use in New Zealand?

When you are shopping for scissors, look for those with professional looks and an HRC of 60 or lower.

The most well-known type of professional scissor-steel is 440C However, there are other models (non Japanese) that can provide you with a more high-quality and economical cutting experience.

Let us know your thoughts regarding the top hair cutting products you've come across in New Zealand.