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How To Choose Hair Scissors For Professionals in NZ

January 23, 2024 7 min read

How can you find the perfect pair when there are so many New Zealand barbers and hairdressing shops that sell online each year?

Your purpose will dictate the type of scissors you choose. If you are just cutting hair for your family, a simple pair of scissors is sufficient. If you intend to use them daily, you will need one that is durable and can cut sharply without pulling or tugging. When choosing hairdressing scissors, you should also consider your budget. This blog will explain the differences between Japanese hairdressing scissors and German ones.

  1. High-quality steel such as VG10 and 440C is recommended.
  2. When ordering online, make sure that you have a return policy
  3. High-quality scissors are made in Japan.
  4. Before you buy, it is important to read reviews, reviews, and reviews.
  5. Reputable brands offer great warranties that provide excellent coverage.

These are the top 5 ways to shop online when you need hairdressing scissors.

How to select the best barber and hairdressing shears

Ask any stylist, barber or hairdresser about their shears. They’ll talk for years about them. It is the most versatile tool for hairdressing. It can be used for many styles and looks.

There are many benefits and sizes to scissors. Once they’re collected, they can be addictive.

A pair of scissors that is sharp and durable is worth the investment. They will last a lifetime if you take good care of them. You should choose scissors that fit your personality.

We won’t let you get lost among the many models and brands. This guide will help to choose the best pair of scissors and keep them in top condition throughout their lives.

How hairdressing scissors and barber shears are made

All hair scissors made of stainless steel are made in Japan or Korea. Japanese steel is the best, while Indian or Pakistani steels have lower quality.

It is essential that stainless steel resists staining. When treating stainless steel, this should be considered.

Hand-forged scissors are more durable than cast or stamped. While hand-forged scissors are more precise than cheaper models, they can also be less drag.

All scissors have CONCAVE (uniform, hollow grinding) on the inner surfaces. Cheaper scissors will have a thicker edge that is more susceptible to deterioration. Nowadays, most scissors have a convex edge that allows stylists to move with it.

Which scissors is best for you?

To cut the best scissors, measure the length of each blade between your middle fingers and your palm. Most scissors measure between 4.5 to 8 inches in length.

Left-handed stylists feel more tension when using right-handed scissors to cut. Left-handed people must ensure they use the right tools. The left-handed side of the top blade of left-handed scissors should be sharpened.

Your handle should not be loose or sloppy. You could feel the pressure on your hands. You might consider using plastic inserts to reduce the size of your finger holes.

Many companies make ergonomic scissors today. These scissors are made to relieve pressure from your arms and hands. There are three kinds of ergonomic options available: double swivels and swivels.

There are many sizes of scissors available. Smaller scissors can be used to cut hair between 4.5” & 5.5”. These will allow you to cut hair more precisely. You will need a longer pair of scissors to cut hair using techniques like scissorover (6 inches or more). It could be that the scissorover method takes longer to use.

Although it is faster, smaller scissors can accomplish the same task. They are faster, but they are more precise and well-tuned. To be able to cut all kinds of hair, a barber/hairdresser needs several lengths.

It is better to use the smaller scissors at your top to create the desired shape. To blend with your scissors, you can use the bigger scissors.

You can avoid hand fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome by making your scissors feel at ease. Many hairstylists own multiple pairs of scissors they can use for different tasks. Don’t spend too much if you aren’t a skilled hairdresser.

Which size of hair scissors should you use?

Some stylists prefer shorter scissors, while others prefer to use longer ones. It depends on the type of cutting that you do. The length is measured from the tip to the finger hole. The finger rest is not included.

To find the perfect size, hold a pair scissors in each hand. The tip of the scissors should be in your thumb at its base. The tip should be in your middle finger.

What blade should you use for hair cutting?

There are two types: the convex and bevelled. Your career path, personal preference, and available resources will all influence the type of scissors you choose.

Choosing bevelled edges scissors

The bevelled-edge blades can be made from a combination of metals. Because of this, they are light. This design is extremely popular in Europe. This design features micro serrations on one or both blades.

Choosing Microserrated edge Scissors

You can use these micro-serrated knives to learn how to cut your hair. This knife prevents hair from sliding down and makes it easier to trim your hair. These knives can be used to dry hair and make slow details. They cannot be used to trim hair as it may jam onto the blade. These blades can be used for almost all types of cutting, including slicing.

Convex Edge Scissors

Convex blades are also known as the “Japanese Style” and are the sharpest type of blade. They have an arazor-like blade edge. For a smooth cutting action, convex-edged scissor blades are hollow-ground in the interior.

These scissors can be used for all types of cutting but are best for slicing because they have a sharp edge. These scissors can be used by experienced hairdressers.

Convex blades can be made of solid stainless and may weigh slightly more than those with bevelled edges. Because they take more time and work to create, convex-bladed scissor knife blades are more expensive than those with bevelled edges.

What type of scissor handle do you prefer?

Different handles have many benefits. Comfort is the most important factor. It all depends on how you shape your hands. There are two types:

  • Opposing Handle (standard ergonomics). : Even or Level The base design. They look fantastic and are perfectly symmetrical.
  • Ergonomic offset handles: The handle with the longer handle is more ergonomic. This allows you to have a wider hand and makes it easier to cut.
  • Crane handle (ultraergonomic), a handle similar to the offset but with a straight handle at its top. This allows for a lower elbow position.

Chooisng Hairsplitters left or right handed

Many stylists are left-handed and start their careers with right-handed scissors. They can be assured that they will quickly “get used to” the reversed blades, and can carry on their career. The reversed blades are available for left-handed stylists. This makes it easier to cut. This reduces the amount of force needed to cut, and it also relieves wrist and hand pain.

It is important to make sure your scissor fits in your dominant hand. If you have been using a left-handed scissor for a while, it may be difficult to change.

Do I require cobalt or molybdenum scissors?

High-end scissors’ blades are made of steel with increased strength through adding more. The handles are often made from softer metal.

Molybdenum, which is a great addition to cobalt’s metal, increases its strength. It improves flexibility.

What type of screw system do you prefer?

Most scissors have a flat or regular screw system that can be used to adjust tension. A driver is required. You will need a driver to adjust the tension or turn it manually.

Open your scissor completely, and let the blade drop towards the closed position to check the tension. Tendency should be at the right level within ten hours.

How often should I sharpen my scissors?

This will depend on how often you use your scissors, how well you take care of them, and what kind of cutting you do. Every scissors should be serviced at the very least once per year. However, many people have theirs serviced every 3 to 6-months.

You should be careful about who sharpens your scissors. Convex knives can only be sharpened with the right equipment and training. Some sharpeners do not have this, so your scissors may be in a different state than they were before.

Which scissors should you use for slicing?

For slicing, convex knives work best. You can also find bevelled edge scissors. It is important to remember that higher quality scissors are easier to use for cutting and chipping in.

Are thinning scissors really necessary?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Thinning scissors are an essential part of any toolkit.

What is texturising?

Texturiser is a tool to cut hair and thin it.

There are many options for hair thinners. Although a basic one will reduce hair volume, it won’t make much difference if used creatively.

What can you do to maintain routine maintenance?

For precision tools in hairdressing or barbering, it is important to oil them regularly. Avoid using clipper oils. Use a high-quality, mineral-based oil instead. If possible, keep them in leather pouches.

Where can you buy Scissors in New Zealand?

Online shops are taking over retail stores. It’s easy to shop online for hairdressing scissors. There are so many options, how do you pick the best one? While there are many reliable websites like Scissor Hub or Japan Scissors NZ that sell hair cutting scissors and barber shears online, we would like to share some guidelines.

Although there are many reliable online stores like Japan Scissors, we would like to outline some guidelines for shopping online for barber shears or hair cutting scissors. We are not denying the reliability of online shops like Japan Scissors. However, we want to give you some tips for buying online barber shears and hair cutting scissors.}
  • No questions asked return policy in case they don’t fit.
  • Reviews and customer service on the site
  • A pair of scissors comes with a guarantee
  • Only shipping within New Zealand, not internationally
  • The legal names for the steel used (440C, VG10, etc. - Names that are not made up, such as “Samurai Steel”.

Active Social Media Presence - This shows that they are active in their community

AfterPay and ZipPay both available

These are the best methods to find an online hairdresser that offers high-quality services and products. There are many low-quality hairdressing scissors on the internet. However, if you have $200 to $300 to spare, you can get high quality scissors that will last years.

Scissor Hub soon will have a complete list of New Zealand hairdressing brands and shops online. This will make it easier to find the right brand and hairdressing supplier for you.