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Choosing Hairdressing Scissors By Size

In the craft of hairdressing, understanding that one size does not fit all is crucial. This is why at Scissor Hub NZ, we have meticulously curated our collection to serve the diverse needs of New Zealand's hairstylists, barbers, and at-home hair enthusiasts. Our range spans from the precise 4.5" to the robust 7.0", ensuring that every hand size and stylistic preference is catered to. Each scissor size offers a unique blend of comfort and control, allowing you to execute each cut with finesse and confidence.

  • 7.0" Sizes - Ideal for broader, more assertive cuts
  • 6.5" Sizes - Perfect balance for versatility in cutting
  • 6.0" Sizes - A popular choice for its ease in various techniques
  • 5.5" Sizes - Offers greater precision for detailed work
  • 5.0" Sizes - Excellent for intricate styles and close trims
  • 4.5" Sizes - Superior control for fine, detailed cuts

Our commitment at Scissor Hub NZ goes beyond just providing tools; it's about enhancing your artistry and ensuring every cut you make is a testament to your skill. For those looking to broaden their horizons with our global range, we invite you to explore, where we house a bespoke collection of hair scissors, hairdressing scissors, and barber shears, each curated for the discerning stylist.