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The Best Brands Of Hairdressing Scissors For Professionals!

January 23, 2024 8 min read

Every year, Scissor brand names appear and disappear. Professionals have difficulty to pick the correct brand. How can professionals tackle this problem?

This list was developed based on many requests from people around the world.

The brand's image is most appealing.

Every brand is capable of delivering the best for every barber, hairdresser or hairdresser at home. This list was compiled because of this.

This brief overview of most well-known brands of hair clippers is intended for professionals working in hair.

Do you require quick answers to your queries about the top scissor makers? This list is for professional hairdressers as well as hair stylists at home.

This listing lists the top hairdressing companies in New Zealand.

We'd like to hear from us when we've missed a great haircutting scissor. We're always looking of the best brands that are ideal for professionals.

Hairdressers and barbers are enthralled by professional scissor brands.

The most trusted brand offers premium high-quality, durable, and economical scissors. It isn't important if they please their customers.

Whatever your location in the USA, New Zealand or Asia we've got the best hairdressing companies. All orders include free shipping

The most professional scissors for hairdressing for professionals. Brands New Zealand

Learn more about the brand, and their history. We'll also discuss their international recognition.

Let's take a deeper look at the top 10 brands of hairdressing scissors.

1. Jaguar Solingen Scissors is one of the most trusted brands and offers a wide range of.



Jaguar Solingen, the oldest and most reputable brand of hairdresser scissors or the brand that is that is located in Germany is Jaguar Solingen. Official website.

Jaguar Solingen Scissors, which was established in 1926, offers services to hairdressers and barbers since then. Additionally, you can find various hair scissors that come in different designs and functions, in addition to costs. TCC's electric hairstylist is TCCThe Haircut.

Jaguar is among the most creative hairspray brands. Jaguar is a pioneer in hairspray design and performance.

You can browse the entire Jaguar Scissor Collection here.

2. Juntetsu Professional Hair Scissors are the best value.



Juntetsu creates simple, but effective scissor designs. They're also inexpensive.

Like Yasaka's, the company is focused on creating high-quality scissors for both hairdressers and barbers.

The Night Series and Rose Gold are the most well-known Juntetsu model. The hairdressing scissors are made of the best quality steel ergonomic offset ergonomics, as well as sharp, convex-edged blades.

Juntetsu Scissors are known for the razor-sharp cutting blades they create. They are constantly developing new models in order to keep up with the top brands like Joewell, Yasaka and so on.


3. Yasaka is very well-known Japanese brand.



Yasaka Seiki is a Japanese hairdresser's company. It is one of Japan's most well-known and renowned brands. Visit their website to know more about. All scissors are sourced from Nara the factory in Japan.

Yasaka Seiki produces Japanese scissors which are of high-end quality and suitable for professional barbers as well as hairdressers across the world. Yasaka uses cobalt and alloy steel for their hair cutting scissors. These scissors are sharper, and provide outstanding results when cutting hair.

Yasaka Scissors Their simple style is a perfect example of the highest-quality craftsmanship. Yasaka Scissors can be found in New Zealand, New Zealand, and New Zealand.

4. Ichiro is a great value for professional-grade scissors


Ichiro is another name that offers professional hairdressing. Ichiro scissors are also easy designs, and are priced at an affordable cost. Ichiro utilizes high-quality steel for its cutting tools.

Your haircut is sure to be an enjoyable experience. Ichiro scissors come in a diverse assortment of scissors sets which includes the Rose Gold model. Rose Gold is a popular option in 2020 and 2021.

Ichiro is well-known for its easy design and high-quality manufacturing. They want to offer top quality results for hairdressers all over the world.

5. Powerful and unique professional scissor designs - Kamisori



Scissor Brand is another brand which has gained recognition and provides professional tools for hairdressing as well as haircutting.

Kamisori Barber Swords have been the trademark of the company. They still make distinct scissor designs from premium steel. These scissors are more popular than they were when they first came out.

Kamisori is a fan of bright styles, which is a contrast to Joewell and Yasaka. Each model has its own unique style, and it is affected by seasons.

It is possible to browse the entire collection to catch a glimpse of the Mina Swordsors range.

7. Joewell 7. Joewell is the most efficient Japanese scissors for creating custom designs



This brand is trusted in the world of hair scissors. It has remained an industry top player in the hair scissors market because of its cutting-edge designs. Visit their site to learn more about Joewell New Zealand. Joewell Scissors have a unique and nimble Japanese engineering has earned them an impressive image.

The coating of rubber is applied to the handles and screws. The unique blades of this scissor don't come included. Joewell has a unique design for every pair.

Joewell is a highly rated hairdresser from Japan. Joewell scissors are the result of decades of experience.

8. Feather. Feather is a top Japanese razor and basic scissors



This Japanese company is known for its high-end styling razors and professional shaving tools. They also make scissors. There's more information on their website.

Feather razors are famous. Feather makes hair scissors that are very popular.

What are the top hairdressing Scissor Manufacturers for Hairdressers & Barbers.



We're glad you've made it to this point on your quest to find the top hairdressing razor brands.

All it depends on what you need. Mina scissors are the best option for a student or apprentice. Joewell as well as Juntetsu are the best choices for hairdressers.

Every year new models for the scissors are introduced by new brands. Mina Umi is the most well-known model. Because many people are choosing to cut their hair by themselves this is the best option. As an apprentice, you will learn cut hair.

In the near term, we can expect to discover more reliable and exciting scissor brands. It's hard to compete with existing brands.

It's hard for a new company to establish itself as a top quality scissor producer. So we test new models. These companies make excellent scissors.

Check this page for the latest brands. This page can help you select the most effective hairdressing scissors.

We are frequently asked occasions "What are the top hairdressing companies in New Zealand?" We know that it can be challenging to locate an established pair.

Hairdressing scissors are a good brand that can be used to trim hair or to thin it. The scissors are manufactured manually in Germany, Japan. These are just some examples.

  • Jaguar professional Germany
  • Yasaka Seiki Japanese scissors
  • Juntetsu scissors for cutting hair
  • Kamisori Scissors

Professional hairdressing is the speciality of hairdressers in New Zealand.

  • Blades are of various types
  • Ergonomics
  • Price Points
  • Steel of high-quality
  • The amount of time that a company has been operating
  • Reviews of barbers and hairdressers.

You will find good hair scissors in your local supermarket. They might not be of adequate quality.

They may have a weak blade, or a poor quality one. Or they could have an artificial, premium steel. It is best to avoid this for professionals.

However, if you look at Yasaka or Kamisori you'll find that they are fantastic scissor brands. Here are a few reasons.

  • Offset ergonomics can be used to decrease fatigue
  • Blades that have sharp edge, bevel or convex
  • Steel of high-quality

There are many other aspects which are vital, but the most important one is "Will they cut my hair?"

Are you looking for the best hairdressing brand? These are the top shaving razors for hairdressers all over the world use.

Final Conclusion: The Top Hairdressing Scissor Manufacturers

This is a quick overview and explanation of various professional hairdressing scissors. This table lists the costs and performance of each model that barbers use, and the associated brands.

Scissor Brand Prices Qualitative
Jaguar Solingen $149-1499 German Quality Scissors
Juntetsu Scissors $299-799 Professional High-Quality Scissors
Kamisori Shears $299-1199 Professional high-quality scissors
Ichiro Scissors $199-599 High-Quality Scissors of High Quality
Yasaka Scissors $349-899 Great Quality Scissors
Mina Scissors $99-199 Great Quality Scissors
HTML1Joewell Scissors $599-999 Fantastic High-Quality Scissors

New brands have entered the market for hairdressing. They're becoming more famous every month.

How can you locate a trusted hairdressing service? It's not going to be a pleasant experience.

You can get a great deal of information from reviews and feedback. It is easy to find the best hair slicing tools. Be sure that the scissors you choose are appropriate to your needs.

The majority of products for hairdressing that use scissors are manufactured by hand in Japan or China.

High-quality scissors manufactured in China aren't always the best. They use premium Japanese steel to create their hair-cutting equipment.

These brands offer high-end hair cutting tools at a reasonable price.

These Japanese hairdressing brands come with higher costs due to the fact that they're expensive.

For the $2000 pair of Japanese hair scissors you purchased it cost just $150. In the event of the reasons mentioned below, you'll receive more.

  • Expensive labor
  • The cost of overheads of companies
  • Company profit
  • Canadian and Japanese taxation
  • In addition, a profit margin between 30 to 50% can be realized by a New Zealand-based business
  • Import and shipping charges

This is the reason this 150 hair shaver is available now in New Zealand at a cost of about $2000.

This is how the original picture appears and isn't possible to change it. Other companies have also bought Hitachi Steel from Japan. Hitachi Steel from Japan, and are now producing the same in China to reduce costs.

However, this isn't always the case. This means that you could come across low-quality Chinese hairstylists. This is due to the inferior quality of the hairstylist's steel.

Here is a listing of the top hairdressing companies. It is crucial to confirm that they are trustworthy and can meet your expectations.

This is all. We've compiled a list of the top brands of hairdressing tools that are suitable for any hairdresser.

  1. Yasaka Scissors is the Top Scissor brand in New Zealand
  2. Juntetsu scissors: Fantastic quality and unique designs
  3. Joewell Scissors is a Japanese company that makes premium equipment for hairdressing.
  4. Jaguar Solingen Scissors-High-quality Products at Affordable Prices

New Zealand's hairdressing business is growing at a rapid rate! There is an increasing demand for cutting-edge and modern hair styling methods. This has resulted in an increase in demands for hairdressers that are looking for the perfect scissors.


It was challenging for me to locate the most effective scissors for hairdressing because I had been using the one my boss gave me for many years. Japan Scissors was able help me. They were attentive to my needs and my style. They recommended Juntetsu which cut my hair perfectly. Samantha Owens, Brisbane Hair

Jaguar is a well-known and trusted brand that has been around since many years. New Zealandns may also opt to go with more recent Japanese names to get top-quality hairdressing equipment. Where do you begin to find the best brand?

It is all about the type of scissors you're looking for. If you're searching for a professional or casual hairdresser, there's Jaguar Jay2 and Mina Swords that are available starting at just $100. Juntetsu Scissors are the most prestigious Japanese-made steel scissors. Mizutani scissors are premium Japanese stainless steel scissors.

Below is a list of the top hairdressing cutting equipment manufacturers including their estimated price:

Scissor Hub will help you discover the best set of scissors for your hairdressing needs to suit your needs in New Zealand. If you are aware of your budget and your personal hairstyle preferences, you will discover the most trusted brands to provide your scissors that can last for years to come.

These are the best hairdressing brands available for hairdressers in New Zealand.

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