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Comprehensive Return & Exchanges Guide

At Scissor Hub NZ, we're all about making your online shopping for top-tier hairdressing tools as reassuring and straightforward as possible. That's the ethos behind our 7-day return and exchange policy, counting from the delivery date (tracked for your convenience). This period is designed to give you ample time to test and truly feel if the scissors are the right fit for your artistry.

Dedicated to nurturing a community of satisfied professionals and home enthusiasts, Scissor Hub NZ ensures that your journey from browsing to buying and beyond is seamless and fulfilling.

Your Quick Guide to Hassle-Free Returns:

  • Experiment with your new hair scissors or barber shears. If they don't resonate with your expectations, a return can be initiated within 7 days of receipt.
  • Remember to maintain the product and all accompanying items in mint condition, and preserve the original packaging.
  • Connect with us at or through our easy-to-use Returns Form for any queries or to start a return.
  • Note: This policy is specifically for returns and exchanges and does not cover warranty claims, free gifts, or promotional merchandise.

We understand the busy schedules of professionals in the hair industry and aim to make your return process as smooth and worry-free as possible. Feel free to reach out for any assistance or queries regarding your return!

Addressing Common Concerns Before a Return:

Issue Solution & Professional Insight
Scissors feel too tight or too loose. Adjust the tension screw for an optimal cut. Remember, the perfect tension prevents hand fatigue and ensures precision in every snip.
Finger rings are too large. Use our ergonomic rubber or plastic inserts. A snug fit enhances control and reduces strain, allowing your creativity to flow uninterrupted.
Blade size isn't right for my technique. Our selection includes sizes ranging from the precise 5.0" to the robust 7.0". Let's find the one that aligns with your cutting style and ergonomics.
Scissors aren't cutting effectively. Cleanliness and proper tension are vital. Also, consider the type of hair you're cutting; different textures may require different scissors.
Design doesn't fit my style. Our diverse assortment caters to all aesthetics. From classic to avant-garde, let's select a pair that's as unique as your signature cuts.
Scissors have dulled over time. Regular honing keeps your scissors sharp and effective. Dull blades can compromise your technique, so let's keep them in top form together.

Summary of Our 7-Day Return Policy:

  • Change of heart? Return products within 7 days from delivery.
  • All items should be in their original state, including packaging. Photos of the scissors (closed and open) may be requested for verification.
  • Once we confirm the return's eligibility, choose from exchanges, store credits, or refunds, depending on your preference.

Guidelines for a Seamless Return:

  1. Start your return via our Returns Form or by reaching out at
  2. Our team will quickly verify your return eligibility and provide detailed next steps.
  3. After we receive and inspect your return, if all is in order, you may choose to:
    1. Exchange your product for another
    2. Receive store credit
    3. Get a refund to your original payment method

Dive into the specifics of our 7-day return policy by visiting section 5.4 'Change of Mind Returns' in our Terms of Service.

Details on warranty coverage can be found in our Warranty Guide.