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Mina Jay Cutting Scissors

  • Features
STEEL  Stainless Alloy (7CR)
QUALITY RATING ?…★??Exceptional
Ranging from 5.0" to 7.0"
BLADE Advanced Slice Edge
Glossy Mirror Finish
WEIGHT 42g Each
EXTRAS INCLUDE Scissor Care Cloth & Tension Key
  • Description

Elevate Precision with Mina Jay: Pursuing perfection, Mina presents precision-crafted cutting scissors, meticulously fashioned from premium cutting steel. Achieving the perfect balance of lightweight agility and enduring strength, these scissors are adored by New Zealand's foremost hair and barber experts.

  • Exceptional Steel Quality: Mina's dedication to excellence shines in its use of top-tier steel, ensuring resistance to rust, enduring sharpness, and an unmatched cutting experience.
  • Designed for All: Thoughtfully crafted for both left and right-handed artisans, these scissors feature an ergonomic handle for comfort, delivering consistently impeccable cuts.
  • Embrace Mina Jay's Legacy: Mina Jay Cutting Scissors are more than tools; they're a legacy. The finely honed blade edge guarantees precision in every cut, while the integrated tension adjuster promises fluidity in every motion.
  • Professional opinion

"As a professional stylist, Mina Jay Cutting Scissors exceed expectations. The exceptional steel ensures enduring sharpness and a seamless cutting experience. Their ergonomic design caters to both left and right-handed users, guaranteeing precision in every cut."

This includes a pair of Mina Jay Cutting Scissors. 

Left/Right Handed