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Kasho Ivory Offset Hair Cutting Scissors

  • Features
STEEL V10W Stainless Steel
QUALITY RATING ?…★??span data-mce-fragment="1">??/span>??Excellent!
SIZE 4.5", 5.0" and 5.5" and Offset Handles
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge
BLADE Convex Edge Blade
FINISH Silver Finish
Scissor Case, Feathering Razor, Finger Inserts, Oil Brush, Cloth, Finger Inserts & Tension Key
  • Description

Explore the realm of Kasho Ivory Offset Hair Cutting Scissors, where precision meets passion for New Zealand's hairstylists and barbers. Elevate your expertise with these finely-crafted Japanese scissors, designed to elevate your craft.

  • Precision Blade Engineering: Featuring convex/hollow ground blades with a polished finish, ensuring exceptional sharpness and pinpoint accuracy for every cut.
  • Varied Blade Lengths: Choose from 4.5", 5.0", and 5.5" options, adapting to diverse cutting styles, from intricate detailing to broad styling strokes.
  • Left-Handed Excellence: An exclusive 5.2-inch left-handed variant ensures that every stylist can experience Kasho excellence, regardless of hand dominance.
  • Ergonomic Offset Design: Tailored handles reduce strain, promoting a relaxed and natural hand position for added comfort during styling.
  • Effortless Tension Control: Adjust tension effortlessly with the intuitive touch-turn mechanism, guaranteeing smooth cuts every time.
  • Premium VG-10W Japanese Steel: Meticulously crafted in Japan, Kasho Ivory scissors boast high-quality VG-10W steel for enduring robustness and peak performance.
  • Professional opinion

"As a hairstylist, I find Kasho Ivory Offset Hair Cutting Scissors exceptional. Their precision blades ensure sharp, accurate cuts, and the ergonomic design reduces strain. With varied blade lengths and left-handed options, they cater to diverse styles."

 This includes a pair of Kasho Ivory Offset Hair Cutting Scissors of your choice. 


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