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Kamisori Revolver III Hair Cutting & Thinning Set


Size 5.5", 6.5" Inches (Hair Cutting Shears), 6" Inches (Thinning Shears)
Hand Compatibility Left Handed, Right Handed
Star Rating 5
Handle Type Double Swivel
Specialty Multi-Cutting Technique (Hair Cutting Shears), Texturizing (Thinning Shears)
Tension System Super Durable Ball-Bearing system
Type of Edge Kamisori Japanese 3D Convex
Type of Finger Rest Fixed
Number of Teeth 30 (Thinning Shears)
Lifespan 20-25 Years
Includes Kamisori Lifetime Warranty, Scissor Oil, a Satisfaction Guarantee, and a Case.


The Kamisori Revolver III Hair Cutting & Thinning Set is meticulously designed for New Zealand's discerning hair professionals, delivering an ergonomic and superior cutting experience. This set exemplifies our commitment to functional artistry in hairstyling tools.

  • Crafted from Japanese-forged steel, offering both flexibility and durability
  • Anatomically designed double-swivel handle for enhanced ergonomics
  • Equipped with a ball-bearing tension system for smooth, precise operation

Our unwavering dedication to exceptional quality is underscored by the recognition and accolades received by Kamisori products. Year after year, our tools are chosen as top favorites by industry professionals, earning prestigious awards such as the American Salon Pro?™s Choice and Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice.

Professional opinion

"These Kamisori Revolver III Hair Cutting & Thinning Scissors are a hairstylist's dream. Crafted with precision, the Japanese-forged steel blades provide flexibility and durability. The ergonomic design and ball-bearing tension system make every cut a breeze."

This set includes a pair of Kamisori Revolver III Hair Cutting Scissors and a pair of Thinning Scissors. 


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