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Joewell X Offset Hair Scissors

  • Features

STEEL Supreme Japanese Stainless Alloy Steel
SIZE 5.25" and 5.75" inches
CUTTING EDGE Versatile All-Rounder
BLADE Standard Joewell Blade for Smooth Cuts
FINISH Elegant Polish Finish
MODEL Joewell X Offset X575 X525
EXTRAS Removable Finger Rest for Additional Comfort

  • Description

Discover the perfect blend of precision and elegance with the Joewell X Offset Hair Scissors, meticulously handcrafted for New Zealand's professional stylists and barbers. These scissors embody a harmonious fusion of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and innovative design, redefining excellence in styling and ergonomic comfort.

The lustrous polished finish of the Joewell X Series not only attests to its superior quality but also adds an element of style and professional elegance to your salon or barbershop.

  • Featuring a revolutionary 3D grip for unmatched comfort and control.
  • Forged from premium Japanese stainless alloy steel for long-lasting sharpness.
  • Achieves a lustrous polished finish, combining functionality with style.
  • Designed with a semi-offset handle for ergonomic ease and reduced hand strain.
  • Includes a removable finger rest for personalized comfort and stability.

  • Professional opinion

"The Joewell X Offset Hair Scissors are a perfect blend of precision and style. The innovative 3D grip provides exceptional comfort and control. Crafted from premium Japanese stainless steel, they offer lasting sharpness and elegance. Whether in a salon or barbershop, these scissors redefine excellence."

This includes a pair of Joewell X Offset Hair Scissors. 


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