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Joewell Supreme Convex Hair Scissors

  • Features
STEEL Cobalt Base Alloy Steel
SIZE 5.7" and 6.0" Inches
CUTTING EDGE All-Rounder Slicing Edge
BLADE Convex Pro Blade
FINISH Powder Finish
MODEL Joewell Supreme SCC Convex SCC-6000F SCC-5700F
EXTRAS Permanent Finger Rest + Titanium Coated Handle
  • Description

Discover the legacy of precision with Joewell Supreme Convex Hair Scissors. Crafted for discerning professionals in New Zealand, here's what sets them apart:

  • Time-Honoured Expertise: Joewell's 100+ years of experience ensures unmatched quality.
  • Master Artisans at Work: Meticulously crafted in Northern Japan, each scissor is a testament to perfection.
  • Distinct Convex Edge: The Supreme model's defining feature, made from unique Cobalt Base Alloy Steel for a balance of sharpness and longevity.

Experience excellence with Joewell Supreme Convex Hair Scissors, where tradition meets the needs of contemporary styling.

  • Professional opinion

"Joewell Supreme Convex Hair Scissors embody over 100 years of excellence. Unmatched quality, masterful craftsmanship, and a unique convex edge ensure precision and longevity. Ideal for traditional and modern styling."

This includes a pair of Joewell Supreme Convex Hair Scissors.


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