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Joewell LC LEFTY Hair Cutting Scissors

  • Features
HANDLE POSITION Exclusively Designed for Left-Handed Professionals
STEEL Premium Japanese Stainless Alloy Steel
SIZE Available in 5.5" and 6.0"
CUTTING EDGE Perfect All-Rounder for Every Hairstyling Technique
BLADE Original Standard Joewell Blade
FINISH Professional Satin Finish
MODEL Authentic LC Lefty Models: LC-55 and LC-60
EXTRAS Convenient Removable Finger Rest
  • Description

With a rich heritage spanning over a century, Joewell (Tokosha) has set the gold standard in crafting professional hairdressing scissors since 1917. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in Northern Japan, Joewell delivers not only precision but also unmatched durability, lasting beyond two decades.

Among its masterpieces is the Joewell LC LEFTY Hair Cutting Scissors, the go-to choice for left-handed professionals.

  • Premium convex blades made from Japanese steel ensure top-tier cutting performance.
  • Experience an effortless and smooth glide, thanks to the Precision Flat Screw.
  • The Genuine Left-Handed Traditional Straight Handle maximizes comfort during use.
  • Stable cutting is ensured with the Screw-on Stopper.
  • A detachable finger rest offers a customized grip.

Exuding elegance with its refined satin finish, the high-caliber Japanese steel assures a professional look and feel. The LC LEFTY range is designed as an all-in-one solution, consistently delivering high standards for hairstyling aficionados.

For left-handed professionals in New Zealand, this series introduces two distinct models: LC-55 (5.5") and LC-60 (6.0"). Both are equipped with straight, streamlined blades, perfect for detailed work. Their symmetrical handles ensure precision and ease in every motion. Dive into the world of unmatched quality and precision with Joewell, a name synonymous with excellence in hairdressing scissors.

  • Professional opinion

"Joewell LC LEFTY Hair Cutting Scissors redefine precision. With premium convex blades, they offer effortless cutting and comfort. The satin finish exudes elegance. Available in two sizes, they are ideal for detailed work, making them a top choice for left-handed professionals."

This includes a pair of Joewell LC LEFTY Hair Cutting Scissors of your choice. 


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