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Joewell JGC-12 Cut & Thinning Scissors

  • Features
HANDLE POSITION Offset Joewell Handle
STEEL Supreme Japanese Stainless Alloy
SIZE 6.2" Inches
CUTTING EDGE 80% Cut Ratio
BLADE 12 Teeth Thinning
FINISH Silver Fine Polish
MODEL Joewell JGC-12 | JGC12
EXTRAS Removable Finger Rests, Dry bearing screw system for smoothest cutting
  • Description

For over a century, Joewell (Tokosha) has upheld a legacy of crafting exceptional hairdressing scissors. Handcrafted with superior Japanese steel by artisans in Northern Japan, the Joewell JGC-12 Cut & Thinning Scissors deliver precision, lightweight maneuverability, and impressive longevity.

  • Designed with an offset handle for an ergonomic grip and precise control.
  • Featuring 12 teeth and an impressive 80% cut ratio for versatile styling.
  • Equipped with an advanced dry bearing tension system for effortless motion.
  • Backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty for guaranteed durability.
  • Professional opinion

"Joewell JGC-12 Cut & Thinning Scissors are a hairstylist's dream. With an ergonomic design and precision blades, they offer versatile styling options. The dry bearing tension system ensures smooth operation. Plus, the lifetime warranty adds peace of mind." 

This includes a pair of Joewell JGC-12 Cut & Thinning Scissors.

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