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Joewell Ergo ZII Hair Scissors

  • Features
STEEL Japanese Stainless Alloy Steel
SIZE 5.5" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting
BLADE Convex Joewell Blade
FINISH Polish Finish
MODEL Joewell ZII Ergo ZII-55CX 
EXTRAS Permanent Finger Rest
  • Description

Discover the finesse of the Joewell Ergo ZII Hair Scissors, a top-notch choice for New Zealand's professionals seeking a perfect balance of agility and durability at an attractive price point.

With its smaller finger holes and adjustable tension, these scissors offer unparalleled adaptability. The convex blades ensure consistently smooth and silky cuts.

  • Feather-light for effortless handling
  • Smaller, comfortable finger holes
  • Strategically designed offset handle
  • Precision-crafted hand-honed convex edge
  • Stable fixed finger rest
  • Adjustable Tension Screw

The Joewell Ergo ZII boasts a supreme Japanese convex blade, suitable for a wide range of hair cutting techniques, including intricate slice cuts.

  • Professional opinion

"As a professional stylist, I'm impressed by the Joewell Ergo ZII Hair Scissors. They offer remarkable agility and durability at a great price. The smaller finger holes and adjustable tension make them adaptable for various cutting styles. The convex blades ensure consistently smooth cuts." 

This includes a pair of Joewell Ergo ZII Hair Scissors.

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