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Joewell E40RC Rubber Coat Thinning Scissors

  • Features
HANDLE POSITION Classic Joewell Handle
STEEL Supreme Japanese Stainless Alloy
SIZE 5.6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE 35% Cut Ratio
BLADE 40 Teeth Thinning
FINISH Polish Finish
MODEL Joewell E40RC | E-40-RC
EXTRAS Removable Finger Rests  - Rubber Coating
  • Description

For over a century, Joewell (Tokosha) has remained a symbol of excellence in crafting premium hairdressing scissors. Rooted in the finest Japanese steel, each pair of Joewell scissors undergoes meticulous craftsmanship in Northern Japan. The result? An exceptionally sharp, lightweight, and durable tool designed to serve professionals for decades.

Among Joewell's distinguished lineup, the E40RC Rubber Coat Thinning Scissors shine as a testament to unrivaled quality and performance. Featuring a precise 40-tooth stainless alloy blade, they deliver an impeccable 35% cut ratio, earning favor among top hairstylists in New Zealand.

  • Professional opinion

"As a professional stylist, Joewell's E40RC Rubber Coat Thinning Scissors are my top choice. The precision of the 40-tooth blade and lightweight design make them essential for various hair techniques. They're the go-to tool for perfection." 

This includes a pair of Joewell E40RC Rubber Coat Thinning Scissors

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