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Joewell E30 Hairdressing Thinning Scissors


  • Features
STEEL Supreme Japanese Stainless Alloy
SIZE 5.6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE 15% Cut Ratio
BLADE 30 Teeth Thinning Shear
FINISH Satin Finish
MODEL E30 (E-30)
EXTRAS Removable Finger Rest
  • Description

Experience excellence with the renowned Joewell E30 Hairdressing Thinning Scissors, a testament to Joewell's craftsmanship legacy since 1917.

Discover elevated hair thinning tailored for New Zealand's discerning hairstylists and barbers.

  • Precision Craftsmanship: Meticulously handcrafted in Northern Japan, delivering razor-sharpness, feather-lightness, and enduring quality.
  • Texturizing Expert: Joewell's top choice for salon-perfect results, designed for perfectionists.
  • Premium Material: Crafted from elite Japanese alloy, ensuring unmatched precision and durability in hairdressing.
  • Optimized Design: Featherlight, smooth-gliding, adjustable screws, and a detachable finger rest. The 15% cut ratio ensures perfect thinning.

  • Professional opinion

 "As a professional stylist, the Joewell E30 Thinning Scissors redefine precision. Handcrafted in Japan, they offer razor-sharpness, durability, and salon-perfect thinning. A must-have tool for perfectionists."

This includes a pair of Joewell E30 Hairdressing Thinning Scissors.

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