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Joewell BC-40 Black Crest Thinning Scissors

  • Features

HANDLE POSITION Offset Joewell Handle
STEEL Supreme Japanese Stainless Alloy
SIZE 5.9" Inches
CUTTING EDGE 35% Cut Ratio
BLADE 40 Teeth Thinning - Double Blade
FINISH Black Titanium Colour Coating
MODEL Joewell BC-40 | BC40
EXTRAS INCLUDE Removable Finger Rests, Dry bearing screw system for smoothest cutting
  • Description

Immerse yourself in the world of precision with the Joewell BC-40 Black Crest Thinning Scissors, a testament to Joewell's craftsmanship since 1917. Enjoy the luxury of a decade-long complimentary sharpening and repair service (excluding shipping) by Joewell's artisans in Japan. Elevate your hairstyling game with the elegance and precision of the Joewell BC-40 Black Crest Thinning Scissors.

  • Handcrafted from top-grade Japanese stainless alloy, ensuring unmatched durability and longevity.
  • Boasts a black titanium coating for reduced friction and seamless, accurate cuts.
  • Ergonomically designed with a soft-touch handle for maximum comfort during use.
  • Experience enhanced stability with the silver-bearing screw system, ensuring precision in every snip.
  • Professional opinion

 "As a hairstylist, I rely on Joewell BC-40 Black Crest Thinning Scissors for their precision.  The black titanium coating offers smooth, accurate cuts. The soft-touch handle adds comfort, and the silver-bearing screw system provides stability and precision."

This include a pair of Joewell BC-40 Black Crest Thinning Scissors

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