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Jaguar T370 Ionic Static-Free 53mm Round Brush


Brush Type Round Ionic Brush
Drying Time Short, Thanks to Aluminum Body
Features Antistatic, Heat-resistant Bristles, Non-slip Handle
Size 53mm Diameter


Introducing the Jaguar T370 Ionic Static-Free 53mm Round Brush: New Zealand's preferred choice for professional hairstyling. This extra-large drying brush stands out in its class, tailored specifically for those luscious long hairstyles, delivering either enchanting curls or sweeping waves swiftly.

  • Optimized for rapid drying, perfect for extended hairstyles.
  • Ionized aluminium cylinder ensuring a silky, static-free finish.
  • Resilient against heat, protecting hair's integrity and radiance.
  • Smoothly rounded bristles prioritize scalp comfort during styling sessions.
  • Features a non-slip handle and a retractable end point, enhancing partition precision.

This includes one Jaguar T370 Ionic Static-Free 53mm Round Brush.

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