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Jaguar Smart Hair Thinning Scissors


Handle Position Crane
Steel Chrome Stainless Steel
Weight 32g
Special Features Finger Support Surface, Removable Finger Rest
Serration Teeth with Prism
Left-/Right-handed Right
Scissors Size 5.50"
Color Silver
Cutting Edge / Blade Micro-Serration
Screw Connection Vario


Welcome to the precision of the Jaguar Smart 39 Texturizing Scissors (Model Number: JAG 443155). Designed with a Crane handle for ergonomic comfort, this right-handed tool is crafted from Chrome stainless steel and weighs a mere 32g.

  • Features a supportive finger surface and a detachable finger rest for enhanced ease.
  • Exceptional durability and sharpness owing to the high-quality forged steel and the ice-tempering process at -80°C.
  • Equipped with 39 thinning teeth showcasing fine V-teeth serration, ensuring smooth and exact cuts without hair slippage.
  • Handcrafted in Germany, hand-checked for quality and craftsmanship.

This includes a pair of Jaguar Smart Hair Thinning Scissors.

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