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Jaguar Satin Double Sided Hair Thinning Scissors

  • Features
STEEL Stainless chromium steel
SIZE 5" 28/28 Teeth and 6" Inches 30/30 Teeth
CUTTING EDGE A fine degree of thinning 
BLADE Thinning/Texturising micro-serration
FINISH Satin Finish
Item Numbers JAG 3350 & JAG 3360
  • Description

Germany's Jaguar, known for crafting premium hairdressing tools, introduces a groundbreaking innovation in hair thinning scissors. Explore the extraordinary Jaguar Satin Double Sided Hair Thinning Scissors, meticulously engineered for perfection.

  • With 28 teeth on the 5" version and 30 on the 6" model, precision is guaranteed with every cut.
  • Experience smooth, seamless cutting with fine V-teeth serration.
  • Utilizing Prism technology for superior sharpness, these scissors provide effortless thinning.
  • As a double-sided marvel, they outshine traditional single-sided counterparts with confidence.
  • Professional opinion

 "As a seasoned stylist, I'm impressed by the Jaguar Satin Double Sided Hair Thinning Scissors. The precision of their 28 or 30 teeth ensures impeccable thinning. The V-teeth serration and Prism technology deliver seamless, effortless results. A must-have for all hair professionals." 

This includes a pair of Jaguar Satin Double Sided Hair Thinning Scissors.


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