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Jaguar Gold Line Xenox Offset Hair Cutting Scissors

  • Features

HANDLE POSITION Offset Ergonomics
STEEL Vanadium steel
SIZE 5.5" and 6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Slice cutting edge
BLADE Integrated cutting edge, convex blade
FINISH Polished finish
  • Description

Explore the exquisite craftsmanship of Jaguar Germany Scissors, tailored for New Zealand's discerning hairstyling experts.

Introducing the Jaguar Gold Line Xenox Offset Hair Cutting Scissors: expertly fashioned from premium German steel. The unique ice-tempering process employed during its creation enhances blade sharpness remarkably.

The gracefully curved blade, combined with its Convex edge, guarantees lasting sharpness, ensuring smooth, effortless cuts that transform each snip into an artistic masterpiece.

  • Distinctively curved blades deliver an unmatched, smooth cutting experience.
  • Enhanced finger ring angles for ergonomic precision.
  • The offset handle design ensures a comfortable, ergonomic grip for extended use.
  • A thoughtfully designed thumb ring reduces strain, facilitating a relaxed cutting experience.
  • Professional opinion

 "As a professional hairstylist, I'm impressed by the Jaguar Gold Line Xenox Offset Hair Cutting Scissors. The expertly crafted blades offer unparalleled sharpness, and the ergonomic design ensures precise, fatigue-free cutting. These scissors excel in various hairstyling techniques."

This includes a pair of Jaguar Gold Line Xenox Offset Hair Cutting Scissors.


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