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Jaguar Gold Line Diamond Classic Hairdressing Scissor Set

  • Features

HANDLE POSITION Classic Ergonomics
STEEL Vanadium steel
SIZE 5", 5.5" and 6" 
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge
BLADE Integrated Cutting Edge, Convex Blade and Thinning/Texturising
FINISH Polished finish
  • Description

Experience the extraordinary precision and sharpness of the Jaguar Gold Line Diamond Classic Hairdressing Scissor Set. Created to elevate the art of styling for professional hairdressers and barbers in New Zealand.

This set is meticulously crafted from high-quality German steel using a unique icy method, enhancing sharpness for an exquisite, effortless cut every time.

  • Cutting Scissor Blade: Features a convex edge for lasting sharpness, reducing strain, and ensuring impeccable results.
  • Thinning Scissors: Equipped with a 39-tooth thinning blade for exceptional, sustained sharpness, allowing smooth and precise thinning.
  • Optimized Ergonomics: The offset handle design enhances hand positioning, reduces pressure points, and promotes a comfortable working stance.

Elevate your hairstyling with the Jaguar Gold Line Diamond Classic Hairdressing Scissor Set.

  • Professional opinion

 As a professional stylist, the Jaguar Gold Line Diamond Classic Scissor Set is my top choice. The convex blade ensures sharp, precise cuts, while the 39-tooth thinning scissors make thinning effortless. The ergonomic design minimizes strain.

This set includes a pair of Jaguar Gold Line Diamond Classic Cutting Scissors and a pair of Thinning Scissors. 


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