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Jaguar Charm Hair Cutting Scissors

  • eatures
Handle position Offset
Steel Stainless Chromium Steel
Weight 32g
Cutting Edge Features Slice Cutting Edge
Screw Connection Vario
Left-/Right-handed Right
Scissors Size 5.0", 5.75"
Colour Silver
Special Features Finger Support Surface, Removable Finger Rest
  • Description

Experience a world of precision and quality with Jaguar Charm Hair Cutting Scissors (Model Numbers: JAG 36575 and JAG 36525) ??the ultimate styling companion for New Zealand's professionals. Crafted with over 90 years of German expertise, these scissors embody superior craftsmanship and innovative technology.

Key Features of Jaguar Charm Hair Cutting Scissors:

  • Classic Blade: Ensures enduring sharpness with high-quality steel, combining robustness and top-tier quality.
  • Right-Handed Precision: Designed with an offset handle, these lightweight 32g scissors are tailored for right-handed professionals.
  • Vario Screw System: Enhances mobility and offers precise adjustments, elevating your cutting experience.
  • Masterful Slicing: Crafted for seamless slicing with a flat cutting angle, making cutting effortless.
  • Comfort and Precision: Includes a finger support surface and detachable finger rest for precise, comfortable cutting.
  • Size and Elegance: Available in 5.0" and 5.75" sizes, these scissors feature an elegant silver finish, adding sophistication to your toolkit. 
  • Professional opinion

"As a hairstylist, I adore the Jaguar Charm Hair Cutting Scissors. The classic blade stays sharp, and the Vario Screw System allows precise cuts. They're lightweight, perfect for right-handed use, and the elegant silver finish is a bonus."

This includes one pair of Jaguar Charm Hair Cutting Scissors.


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