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Ichiro Rainbow Hairdressing Scissor Set

  • Features
STEEL 440C Steel
QUALITY RATING ?…★?…★ Excellent!
SIZE 5.0", 5.5" and 6.0" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge & Thinning/Texturising
BLADE Convex Edge Blade
FINISH Rainbow Polished Finish
EXTRAS INCLUDE Scissor Case, Feathering Razor, Finger Inserts, Oil Brush, Cloth, Finger Inserts & Tension Key
  • Description

Ichiro Scissors are masterfully created from superior cutting steel, providing New Zealand's hair professionals with exceptional tools. Relish the dependability of scissors that offer a secure grip, an ultra-sharp edge, and remarkable durability against wear and corrosion. Renowned for Value & Quality, Available Online!

  • Premium steel crafting results in a durable, sharply refined convex blade.
  • Featuring offset ergonomic design and lightweight construction, ensuring comfort throughout the day.
  • ?Œˆ The Rainbow color coating is more than stylish; it's allergy-safe and water-resistant, protecting your skin.
  • The Ichiro Rainbow Hair Thinning scissors deliver even thinning, with rates of 20%-25% on dry hair and up to 30% on damp hair, thanks to precisely grooved teeth.
  • Professional opinion

 "As a professional hairdresser, the Ichiro Rainbow Hairdressing Scissor Set is a game-changer. Its sharp blades, ergonomic design, and skin-friendly Rainbow coating make it ideal for long-lasting, comfortable, and stylish haircuts." 

This includes a pair of Ichiro Rainbow Gold Cutting Scissors and a pair of Thinning Scissors.