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Ichiro Hana Hair Cutting Scissors

  • Features
STEEL 440C Steel
RATING ?…★?…★ Excellent!
SIZE 6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge
BLADE Japanese Convex Edge Blade
FINISH Durable Polished Finish
EXTRAS INCLUDE Scissor Pouch, Razor, Oil Brush, Cloth, Finger Inserts & Tension Key
  • Description

Experience the fusion of artistic design and exceptional craftsmanship with Ichiro's high-grade cutting steel, forging tools unmatched in New Zealand's professional hair industry. These scissors are built to last, offering crisp cuts while resisting corrosion and wear.

Ichiro Hana Hair Cutting Scissors are skillfully handcrafted to be incredibly lightweight, achieving a perfect balance and precision, a true hallmark of a professional-grade tool.

  • Refined Aesthetics: Sleek design with intricate handle engravings and a jewel-like tension adjuster, transforming it from a mere tool to an artistic accessory.
  • Expertly Engineered Blade: Delivers smooth, accurate cuts, ideal for a variety of hairdressing methods, including advanced slice cutting techniques.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Ensures extended cutting sessions with minimal risk of hand strain or RSI.
  • Professional opinion

 "The Ichiro Hana Hair Cutting Scissors are essential for any stylist. Their lightweight design and balance make cutting effortless, and their sharp blades are perfect for a range of techniques. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort during long sessions, making them a reliable choice for professional use." 

This set includes a pair of 6" Ichiro Hana Hair Cutting Scissors