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Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Master Set

  • eatures
STEEL Stainless Alloy Steel
RATING ?…★?…★ Excellent!
SIZE Cutting Scissors: 5.5" Inches & 6.0" Inches, Thinning Scissor: 6.0" Inches
BLADE / THINNING Cutting Scissors: Sharper Convex Edge Blade & Micro Serrated Blade, Thinning Scissor: 30 Traceless Teeth
FINISH Mirror Polish
EXTRAS INCLUDE 2x Scissor Pouches, 1x Razors, 1x Oil Brushes, 1x Cloths, 3x Sets of Finger Inserts & 1x Tension Keys
  • Description

Presenting the Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Master Set??a premier collection for apprentice and experienced hairstylists and barbers in New Zealand. This set, made with high-quality stainless alloy steel, ensures both top-notch functionality and ergonomic ease.

  • 5.5" Precision Slice Cutting Scissor: Designed for ultra-precise cuts and contemporary styling techniques.
  • 6.0" Micro-Serrated Hair Cutting Scissor: Ideal for efficiently removing bulk hair, including scissor over comb methods.
  • 6.0" Universal Thinning Scissor: Features 30 seamless teeth, perfect for a smooth thinning process.
  • Ergonomically crafted offset handles reduce hand strain, providing maximum comfort during extended hair styling periods.

Choosing the Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Master Set not only means great savings compared to buying pieces separately, but also includes two versatile travel cases, each able to hold up to four pairs of scissors securely.

  • Professional opinion

"The Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Master Set is a fantastic addition for any stylist. The precision and micro-serrated scissors offer versatile cutting options, while the thinning scissor makes blending effortless. The ergonomic design is a plus for long days. It's great value, especially with the included travel cases."

This set includes 2 pairs of Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Cutting Scissors and a pair of Thinning Scissors.