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Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Hair Thinning Scissors

  • Features
STEEL Stainless Alloy Steel
RATING ?…★?…★ Excellent!
SIZE 6.0" Inches
THINNING 30 Traceless Teeth
FINISH Mirror Polish
EXTRAS INCLUDE Scissor Pouch, Razor, Oil Brush, Cloth, Finger Inserts & Tension Key
  • Description

Welcome the Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Hair Thinning Scissor, an ideal tool combining ergonomic efficiency with top-notch functionality, designed for New Zealand's aspiring stylists. Its 30 teeth design allows for an even thinning effect, perfect for a range of hair types and styles.

  • Made with high-grade stainless alloy steel, it delivers reliable performance and maintains sharpness throughout numerous cuts.
  • An ergonomic offset handle and lightweight build provide a comfortable, strain-free experience, even in long cutting sessions.
  • Boasting a sleek mirror finish, this scissor not only looks great but also offers enhanced durability and resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Professional opinion

 "The Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Hair Thinning Scissor is essential for stylists. Its design allows for effortless thinning across various hair types. The ergonomic handle makes long sessions manageable without strain, and its durable build maintains sharpness over time. It's a great blend of form and function." 

This includes a pair of Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Hair Thinning Scissors.