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NZ Guide To Japanese Scissors VS German Hairdressing Scissors

January 23, 2024 6 min read

The two most well-known hairdressing scissor brands in NZ are from Germany and Japan. When searching for hair cutting shears, you will find many brands like Jaguar, Yasaka and Juntetsu.

These are typically made in Germany and Japan. Which are the best hairdressing brands in New Zealand and why?

The superior quality steel makes these Japanese and German hairdressing scissors stand out. These scissors have the best cuts with the fewest imperfections. To find the highest quality and longest-lasting products, professional hairdressers and barbers use Japanese and German shears.

Scissor Brands New Zealand (NZ)

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Japanese or German Hair Cutting Scissors

When buying a new set of hair cutting scissors, there are a few things to consider. There are other factors to consider before you decide whether you want to buy Japanese or German hair-cutting tools.

These are just a few things to keep in mind…

1. The best price does not always equal the best.

Don’t buy scissors just because they are more expensive or if you think they are superior quality. Be sure to read reviews and take a look at the company before you decide that the scissors you buy are the best. If you are looking to save money, you don’t need to purchase cheap scissors. A hairdresser needs to have high quality scissors!

High-quality scissors won’t require you to replace them as often. The best price does not always mean the best.

2. How will you use your hairdressing scissors?

Also, consider how you use scissors and what style you prefer. For those who use a lot of point cutting, a shear with a smooth texture will be the best. A shear with seamless blending can be searched to save time and prevent you from having to repair what your other scissors cannot.

Different hair-cutting tools produce different results. You should choose the one that suits you best.

3. Do your research before you purchase a blade.

Different blade types produce different cuts. It is important that you examine all types of blades to determine which type is the best.

Caring for your Japanese or German Shears

No matter what brand of hair-cutting scissors you choose, it doesn’t really matter which one you use. It is important to store them properly and keep them sharp to extend their shelf life. You can remove excess hair by washing them with soapy warm water.

It is also important to dry them completely before storing them.

It is important to ensure that your hair cutting shears are working properly. They must be taken care of. You must take care of them.

If you take care of your scissors, they will last longer.

It is important to keep your scissors well-oiled in order to ensure they work at their best. A little oil can be applied to the screw area every two months to keep your scissors running smoothly.

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

Professional hairdressers in New Zealand prefer Japanese shears. Japanese scissors are recommended for professionals regardless of whether they’re barbers or salon hairdressers.

The History of Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

Japanese hairdressers have been an international leader in the hair industry since the 1960s. In 1960, President Ronald Reagan gave Hikari Scissors Japan an award for international business excellence. Hikari Japan also purchased the Convex edge knife, which is loved by top-end hairdressers.

Japanese hairdressers were the first to use offset ergonomics to reduce fatigue. Because of the repetitive strain injuries and long hours that Japaners suffered, this was a natural result.

Japanese scissor History

Since the 1980s, Japanese hairdressers scissors have been the standard in New Zealand for hairdressing tools. A pair of Japanese hair cutting shears has a lifespan of over 20 years and professionals were known to spend more than $1000.

Japanese Shears Are the Best

What makes someone want to purchase Japanese hair scissors? Sarah, from Hair Beauty Paradise, shared her thoughts.


The tools a hairdresser uses are just as important as their skills. As with my shoes, I will replace my less expensive pair every year if it is a lower quality pair. Japanese scissors are cheaper because I don’t need to sharpen them or replace them as often as my training scissors.

The Benefits of Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

These are highly recommended as they are higher quality. They are also more expensive. Let’s take a look at the best hairdressing scissors for cutting hair in New Zealand, Japan.

  • Resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and general wear and tear

They are very easy to maintain and can be sharpened quickly and easily due to their high-sharpness and hardened steel.

The material’s lightweight and ergonomic design makes it less likely to cause repetitive strain injuries and fatigue.

Sharp hair cutting movements using the Japanese convex blade with high-quality tension adjustors

It is possible to save money by not buying replacements

What kind of steel are Japanese hairdressing scissors made from?

Because of the high quality steel, Japanese hair-cutting knives are highly sought after. Low quality scissors made in other countries, such as Ukraine, Pakistan, and Ukraine, aren’t as popular. Let’s take a look at some Japanese hairdressing uses of steel.

  • Hitachi ATS 314 (Level 6, Best Quality)

  • Hitachi 440c (Level 5 - Best Quality)

  • V10(VG10) (Level 4, Excellent Quality)

  • V1(VG1) (Level 3, Very High Quality)

  • 440C (Level 2, standard quality)

  • 440A (Level 1, Quality Standard)

Hitachi steel is a well-known manufacturer of steel. Hitachi steel is used in high-end brands like Fuji MoreZ Yasaka Hikari and Yasaka. Many other brands use this steel. International brands can rely on the same steel. If the product is made in Japan, however, you can be sure that the best quality hair cutting scissors are used.

Japanese Scissor Brands

Which Japanese hairdressing brands are the best?

To see the differences between New Zealander and Japanese hair cutting scissors, it’s worth taking a look at top New Zealand brands.

German Hairdressing Scissors

German Scissors is the choice of both professional hairdressers as well as casual stylists. Germany is the world’s market leader in hair-cutting scissors. This is due to the unique European design of these scissors.

Germany Scissor City Europe

The History of German Hairdressing Scissors

German hairdressing scissors have been very popular in Europe since the 1930s. Jaguar Solingen is the most well-known and economical manufacturer of hairdressing tools. German Scissor Manufacturers was established in 1960 to sell their products to barbers and hairdressers around the world. They offer attractive designs that are appealing to international markets.

German city of Solingen is known as the “City of Blades”, and is home to some of Europe’s finest hairdressing scissors makers. Numerous well-known German haircutting shears manufacturers are located in the same region and distribute hair scissors around the world.

German Shears Are the Best

A pair of German hairdressing scissors would be a great purchase for professional hairdressers or barbers. Michael, a Sydney barber, discussed the matter.


I was extremely happy with the Jaguar Pre Style Ergo blades during my apprenticeship. The cost of a pair that worked for five years was less then $200. Jaguar Germany shears is the only brand that I trust.

German hair Scissor Manufacturers

German Hairdressing Scissors

German hairdressing scissors can be trusted to be made from high-quality steel. This is very similar to Japanese Scissors. Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying a pair of Jaguar Germany scissors.

  • Affordable Pairs starting at $100

  • Stand out colors, styles and aesthetic designs

  • Modern ergonomic designs to prevent RSI injury, fatigue, and other conditions

  • Flat edge blades with bevel edges that catch hair when they close

What kind of steel are the German hairdressing scissors made from?

German hairdressing scissors are made of high quality steel. Many people associate German hairdressing scissors such as Jaguar Solingen, with precision and quality because they are familiar with BMW and Audi. Let’s look at the various steel types used in German hair-cutting tools.

  • MC Micro Carbide Steel, Level 5 - Best Quality
  • Molybdenum Steel, Level 4 - High Quality
  • Stainless Chrome Steel (Level 2 – Excellent Quality)

Which scissor is better: Japanese or German?

With several hairdressers and barbers, we discussed the best haircutting scissors for New Zealand. We found that Jaguar Solingen is the most popular German shear manufacturer. However, Fuji MoreZ and Yamato Yasaka, Hikari are all very popular Japanese brands.

Which is the best brand for hair cutting in New Zealand? It’s hard to say, but we would rank it between Jaguar Solingen(Germany) or Yasaka Seiki (Japan). People don’t spend as much on their hairdressing scissors these days. One pair of scissors used to cost $1500. They expect to spend $300-600 for high quality scissors in 2019 and will pay $300 to 600 for them.