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Jaguar Pastell Plus Chocolate Hairdressing Scissors

  • Features
HANDLE POSITION Offset Ergonomics
STEEL Stainless chromium steel
SIZE 5" and 5.5" Inches
BLADE Classic Blade
FINISH Allergy-neutral coating
  • Description

Step into the world of precision hairstyling with Jaguar Pastell Plus Chocolate Hairdressing Scissors, now tailored exclusively for New Zealand's hairstyling professionals. These scissors seamlessly combine German Chrome steel craftsmanship with an elegant design:

  • Engineered for exceptional performance, catering to the needs of hairstylists and barbers alike.
  • Featuring an offset design for a traditional cutting experience, reducing thumb fatigue and ensuring comfort during prolonged use.
  • The flat angled cutting edge excels in various slicing techniques, delivering impeccable results.
  • Professional opinion

 "These Jaguar scissors are a masterpiece of precision and style. Crafted with German Chrome steel, they offer top-notch performance. The offset design minimizes thumb strain, ensuring comfort during long sessions. The flat angled cutting edge is perfect for achieving flawless results." 

This includes a pair of Jaguar Pastell Plus Chocolate Hairdressing Scissors. 


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