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Jaguar Jay 2 Triple Cutting & Thinning Box Set

  • Features

STEEL Chrome Stainless Steel
SIZE 5.5" & 6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge &  Thinning/Texturising
BLADE Classic Grind Blade & Serrated Teeth
FINISH Polished
Item Number  JAG JAY2 SET
  • Description

Discover the precision craftsmanship of Jaguar Germany Scissors, thoughtfully selected for New Zealand's hairstyling professionals. Crafted from superior German steel, these scissors ensure seamless and effortless styling sessions.

  • Jaguar Jay 2 (JAY2) Cutting Scissors:
    • Designed for everyone - from students to seasoned professionals.
    • Classic blade design guarantees consistent, precise cuts.
    • Timeless handles provide unmatched comfort and ease.
  • Jaguar Jay 2 (JAY2) Thinning Scissors:
    • Perfect for precise thinning and texturizing.
    • Unique v-shaped teeth ensure smooth, controlled cuts.
    • Classic handles offer added comfort during use.

Exclusively available at Japan Scissors NZ, the Jaguar Jay 2 box set comes with a premium holster, offering a complete hairdressing toolkit. Ideal for those refining their skills on mannequins or as a dependable backup for primary scissors, the Jay 2 set caters to diverse hairstyling needs.

  • Professional opinion

 "As a professional hair stylist, I'm impressed with the Jaguar Jay 2 Triple Cutting & Thinning Box Set. The cutting scissors offer precise, consistent cuts with timeless handles, while the thinning scissors provide controlled, smooth texturizing. This set is a versatile, must-have for hairstylists." 

This set includes a pair of Jay2 Cutting Scissors of your choice and a pair of 6" Thinning Scissors, a premium holster and a tension adjuster

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